Sterling Silver Ladies' Christian Rings

Shop our sterling silver religious ring collection. Personalized engraving is available. Each ring is individually handcrafted with pride by talented American artisans who pour their hearts into the time-honored creation of each original piece. Unlike commercial, machine-made jewelry mass produced in factories, handmade jewelry is truly a labor of love and a work of art. Our handcrafted rings are meticulously created especially for you, beautifully unique, and made to last generations!

Please note that each of our sterling silver Christian rings are individually made to order. The jeweler will need approximately 10-14 days to complete your ring from start to finish. During this time your ring is being carefully handcrafted just for you!

We ask that you thoughtfully consider and select the correct ring size, as due to the custom nature of the product, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges on our sterling silver rings.

 If you are uncertain of your ring size, please visit a local jeweler to obtain an accurate measurement. Remember that your left and right hands may be different sizes so be sure to measure the finger the ring will be worn on most frequently. Ring sizing is a free courtesy service at almost all jewelry stores and typically takes just a few minutes. 

Should you find that the ring size that you originally selected is too large or small, we offer resizing services to help you achieve the perfect fit. This service is available for most of our sterling silver rings, with the exception of a few designs which feature stylistic details that do not allow the band to be resized. The cost for resizing a sterling silver ring is $25. Resizing a ring is delicate procedure and the jeweler generally requires 5-7 days to complete this service. In every case, the final product will be expertly finished without any visible indication that the size of the ring was adjusted. 

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