Jewelry Cleaning/Polishing Cloths | Anti-Tarnish Strips

Restore a brilliant shine and sparkling finish to your gold, platinum, sterling silver, brass, or copper jewelry with our jewelry cleaning/polishing cloths. Our 2 part ultra-soft cotton fiber cleaning/polishing cloths are ideal for delicate pieces. The Pro-Polish Pads and Sunshine Polishing Cloths have been treated with a non-scratch micro-abrasive jewelry cleaning/polishing agent. The micro-abrasive surface easily removes tarnish and safely restores the original luster to your sterling silver jewelry. We strongly advise against cleaning your sterling silver jewelry with silver dip as the harsh chemical liquid can leave your jewelry with a cloudy finish and remove the oxidized antiquing that has intentionally been applied to highlight the inscription or design details. Once your jewelry is sparkling clean, preserve and protect the shine with Tarnish Tamer Anti-Tarnish Strips. | Silver Polishing Cloths | Jewelry Polishing Cloths