Holy Land Olive Wood Crosses

These beautifully grained olive wood comfort crosses serve as a reassuring reminder to hold tightly to God's grace, love, and mercy in the midst of trials and in times of uncertainty. Remember that God is with you, He cares for you, and that your days are held securely in His hands. The art of olive wood carving is a time honored tradition in Palestine and serves as a major source of income for Christians living in this region. Each comfort cross has been individually hand-carved, softly rounded, and smoothly sanded by artisans in Beit Sahour, a Palestinian village on the east side of Bethlehem, from a single piece of beautifully grained olive wood pruned from the olive trees around Bethlehem. Each olive wood cross is individually gift packaged in your choice of either a white organza or black velvet drawstring tote and includes a descriptive story card. Your olive wood comfort cross has been imported from the Holy Land and will ship the same day/next day from Williamsburg, Virginia. | Palm Cross | Olive Wood Holding Cross | Olive Wood Pocket Cross | Olive Wood Prayer Cross | Olive Wood Holy Land Cross | Olive Wood Clinging Cross | Olive Wood Bethlehem Cross