Express Your Unique Style with Stacked, Wrapped, and Layered Bracelets

August 13, 2015

A well blended collection of stacked, wrapped, and layered bracelets creates an undeniably stylish fashion statement. Unleash your creativity and experiment with different mixtures to find your favorite classic, chic look. There are no hard & fast rules for this eclectic style, so have fun creating your own unique blends. Consider various types of metal finishes, textures, colors, and sizes as you select bracelet designs to layer together. Below are a few styling tips to help you get started.

1.  This style works best when paired with an outfit that isn't too busy or patterned and works especially well when you wish to keep your neckline bare.

2.  Select one statement bracelet and add 3-4 complementary supporting pieces.

3.  Generally it's best to go for a single arm stack.  If you do decide to add bracelets to both arms, stick to simple, thin bracelet designs.

4.  Consider creating a theme by pairing similar pieces together for an elegant, clean, polished look or get creative with playful mix & match designs to create a funky, relaxed, bohemian blend.

5.  Try adding in an elegant watch or a unique vintage piece for a bit of visual interest.

Clothed with Truth carries a wide variety of bracelet styles featuring sterling silver bangles and links, Swarovski crystal with freshwater pearl, hand-stamped bronze cuffs, hand-dyed silk ribbon wraps, and whimsical mixed media designs. Click here to find something extraordinary to add to your collection.


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