Sterling Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloth | 2 Ply Microfiber

$ 3.50

Ships Same or Next Day - Safely Restores Brilliant Shine - Free 30 Day Returns
Our ultra soft microfiber jewelry polishing cloth features a two-cloth system to gently remove tarnish from your silver, gold, and platinum jewelry. Use the inner cloth first to clean and remove tarnish and then finish to a high luster by buffing with the outer cloth.

100% Ultra Soft All Natural Cotton Fiber

Full Size (opened) Jewelry Polishing Cloth Measures 4" x 6"

Ships same/next day from Williamsburg, Virginia.

Check out our Sunshine® Polishing Cloths should you desire a treated jewelry cleaning/polishing cloth that contains a slight non-scratch micro-abrasive. 

* We strongly advise against cleaning your sterling silver jewelry with silver dip as harsh chemicals can leave your jewelry with a cloudy finish and remove the oxidized antiquing that has intentionally been applied to highlight the inscription or design details.

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Polishing cloth

Excellent cloth for cleaning silver jewelry.

Thanks Maryann! It's funny how there's something about removing tarnish build up from sterling silver that is happily satisfying. Well, at least for me it is...I might be an odd one though :) We're glad to know that the polishing cloth is working well for you. We hope that your silver, as well as the days ahead, are bright and shiny! Peace & Blessings, Deborah & Rhett

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