Lost Wax Casting Process 101

June 19, 2017

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The vast majority of our fine pewter, sterling silver, and 14k gold inspirational jewelry is created using the timeless process of "lost wax" casting, so-called because the wax model used to create the design is destroyed or "lost" when the metal is cast. This technique has been used for thousands of years in cultures across the globe. Wax is a highly versatile medium and allows the designer the ability to create intricate sculptural designs. Jewelry waxes are not the same as soft paraffin or beeswax. By comparison, jewelry wax is quite hard and is designed to be carved, filed, and polished. The steps below outline the process of creating a uniquely designed piece of jewelry using the lost wax method.

  • To begin, an artist creates a concept sketch, which is then converted into a digital file with precise measurements.
  • A wax carver then skillfully sculpts an original wax model of the design based on the specifications from the digital file.
  • After the wax model is complete, the design is then invested, or enclosed, in a plaster-filled metal cylinder.
  • Once the plaster is dry, it is placed in a room temperature kiln, where over the next 16 hours, the temperature slowly increases to 1,350 degrees Fahrenheit melting away the wax model.
  • The void left behind from the melted wax is now filled with molten fine pewter, sterling silver, or 14k gold.
  • Finally, each design is blackened, or antiqued, to highlight the design details,and is then carefully sanded, hand polished, and buffed to a brilliant shine.

The video below details the start to finish process of creating a sterling silver ring using the lost wax method.

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