Religious Symbolism in Jewelry and Fashion

July 19, 2015

What does your style say about who you really are, and what you believe? Studies show that when you meet someone, you will give an impression of yourself that’s either positive or negative. A 2006 Princeton University study showed that in 100 milliseconds (less time than it takes to blink), people form first impressions and judgments about others that are hard to reverse later on. The longer they spend looking at a person, the more confident they become in their initial first impression.

So what are your clothes saying about you? Do they reflect your faith? Many people add a cross or a Christian t-shirt to their wardrobe to better reflect their personality and demonstrate their commitment to God. Wearing clothes or jewelry with religious symbols hints at a spiritual side to your personality. It also helps you, the wearer, to choose the higher path on your journey through life.

It’s important to know exactly what popular religious symbols mean and which religions are affiliated with them. Here is a list of common religious symbols that are used on everything from t-shirts to necklaces to tattoos, and their meanings in Christianity.

Cross — the most widely recognized symbol of Christendom is the cross, which has been used for over a thousand years as a reminder of the suffering of Christ at his crucifixion and his victory over death. Early Christians used the symbol without the body of Christ on the cross, and later artists added the suffering Christ in religious art. The cross is used today in jewelry, art, fashion, and architecture as a reminder of Christ.

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Dove — doves are mentioned in the Bible several times and are often associated with hope, light, and divine guidance. After the flood, Noah sent a dove out of the ark and it came back with an olive branch. Matthew chapter 3 tells us that when Christ was baptized and came out of the water, “the heavens were opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending as a dove and lighting on Him…”

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Fleur De Lis — used as a symbol for French royalty, the fleur de lis was also adopted by the Roman Catholic Church as a special symbol of the Virgin Mary. Cathedrals built to honor the Virgin often included paintings or stained glass depictions of the Virgin Mary with a fleur de lis or holding lilies (the fleur de lis is stylized representation of a lily). The fleur de lis is a popular symbol taken by many Roman Catholics around the world to honor the Virgin Mary.

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Christian Fish (Ichthys) — the simple lines of the Christian fish is made of usually just two lines, each starting at the nose of the fish and creating the body of a fish and then crossing once to form an open tail. Sometimes the Greek letters ΙΧΘΥΣ (or Ichthys) are fit inside the body of the fish. The Greek letters mean Jesus Christ God’s Son Savior. The Christian Fish symbol is often used on t-shirts, jewelry, and in other types of religious-inspired art and accessories.

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 Triquetra — this Christian symbol has its roots in Celtic tradition. Often called the Irish Trinity Knot, this symbol represents the power of three-fold power of the Godhead (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). It was used in ancient Celtic art and was later adopted by Christians.

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