Tips on Purchasing & Caring for 14k Gold Jewelry

April 11, 2019

Tips on Purchasing & Caring for 14k Gold Jewelry

Gold is traditionally the preferred metal of choice in the vast majority of fine jewelry collections. With proper care, gold jewelry can easily last a lifetime or longer, making it an ideal choice for heirloom jewelry. Here's a few tips on purchasing and caring for fine quality gold jewelry. 

Pure 24k gold is an extremely malleable, soft, precious metal that can be roughly molded by hand. Given this attribute, pure 24k gold jewelry is rarely produced and would be an impractical choice for daily wear as 24k gold is easily scratched and susceptible to rapid wear and deformity. In order to create fine, yet durable, gold jewelry, pure 24k gold is mixed with different metals such as copper, palladium, silver, and zinc to increase its strength and wearability. 

When considering a fine gold jewelry purchase, look for jewelry marked with an 18k or 14k stamp. The letter k stands for karat, the system used to describe the percentage of pure 24k gold used in the creation of the piece. At Clothed with Truth, all of our gold jewelry is made with solid 14k gold, meaning it contains 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts of one or more additional metals, making each jewelry creation 58.3% pure gold. 

Unlike sterling silver, gold jewelry does not tarnish over time. Thankfully, gold jewelry is relatively easy to clean and maintain. We recommend that you make it a habit to remove all jewelry before showering as soap can leave behind a thin layer of film, causing your gold jewelry to appear dull (remember those Dove Beauty Bar commercials...). Likewise, remove your gold jewelry before household cleaning to avoid contact with harsh chemicals. To keep your gold jewelry sparkling clean, we recommend that you simply use a gentle soft bristle brush, warm water, and a drop of mild dish detergent. 

Genius tip...To untangle a pesky knotted gold chain, first undo the clasp then add a touch of olive or baby oil on the knot. Lay the chain on a flat surface and use two straight pins to gently work to untangle the knot. 

Did you know...The state of Nevada accounts for 75 percent of the total gold output in the United States. It is believed that 80% of the Earth's gold is still buried underground. Vegas anyone?

We welcome you to explore our diverse collection of handcrafted 14k gold Christian jewelry inscribed with scripture, prayer, and messages of inspiration. Each piece is skillfully designed and lovingly created by talented jewelry artisans here at home in the U.S.A.

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