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October 14, 2016

Christian T-Shirts Available at Clothed with Truth

Christian t-shirts, most folks either love them or hate them. As for me, I'm in the first group. I'm a big fan of comfort, so the relaxing luxury of soft cotton t-shirts makes me happy. As much as I might like to spend my days in the highfalutin glamour of the couture fashion world, in reality, I'm usually found sporting my morning gym gear and favorite pair of sneakers, my hair in a cattywampus twist that's loosely held together with a freshly sharpened pencil. I delight in freshly sharpened pencils. It must be a residual effect of my years spent working as an elementary school teacher. I digress...One of my favorite t-shirts to wear to the gym is the With God all Things are Possible design inspired by the words of scripture from Matthew 19:26. It speaks to my weariness and encourages me to keep pushing through another 10 minutes on the suped-up, highly glorified hamster wheel when what I really want is a steaming hot chocolate mocha with a twist of cinnamon and a nap.

I've found that there are a few other benefits of wearing Christian t-shirts aside from the fact that they're just plain comfy, and seeing as we have a lovely collection of Christian t-shirts on the Clothed with Truth website, I thought I'd share. In the words of Church Lady Dana Carvey, "Well, isn't that special? How Conveeenient!". Yes, my friend, this is why I'm not supposed to write blog posts at 0 dark thirty!

The scripture verses and uplifting faith-filled messages printed on Christian t-shirts continually remind me of God's goodness and grace throughout the day. Without fail, I endlessly hum the tune to Amazing Grace or It is Well with My Soul throughout the days that I wear the t-shirt designs inspired by those hymns. Take note, you've officially been warned sweet friend!  The messages on our scripture verse t-shirts can shift my perspective and brighten my outlook on an otherwise tough day. Our Isaiah 46:4 tee reads "I have made you and I will carry you. I will sustain you and I will rescue you." Now, it's hard to be filled with fear, worry, or doubt when you're wearing that sunshine hued t-shirt. On the flip side, the faith affirming messages on Christian t-shirts scatter seeds of encouragement to our fellow believers as we navigate these times of subtle Christian suppression.

It's true as well that the messages printed on scripture verse t-shirts can often-times make great conversation starters. Now, I have to admit that the Catch Up with Jesus and the Wanna Taco bout Jesus t-shirts are downright plum corny, but Rhett insists that we keep both shirts in our collection because folks just eat up those designs...sorry, it just came to me and I couldn't resist. Seriously, in addition to the aforementioned t-shirts, there are certain designs that tend to lend themselves to conversation. 

Although I hate to admit it, I have to tell you that wearing a Christian t-shirt also subconsciously reminds me to be on my good behavior. Ouch! Well seriously, have you had to suffer through one of those awfully slow check out lines lately? If not, just you wait, Christmas is right around the corner, give it time... If I happen to be wearing the We Love Because He First Loved Us tee while I'm in the check-out line at the grocery store, you better believe that I'm reminded not to become huffy when the cell phone toting lady in front of me, who is loudly carrying on about whomever is attending supper, sends her dear husband back into the trenches to pick up one more head of broccoli while she plunders through her pocketbook searching for her coupons and then leisurely sorts through the whole wad of them...after the cashier has given her the total. (Ha! How's that for a run-on sentence! Oh, the simple joys of teacher rebellion.) Ugh! How is it that I manage to pick the wrong line with such accuracy? Yes, there's nothing like wearing a Christian t-shirt to help remind us of our witness and keep a less than fruitful attitude in check! Please tell me I'm not the only saved soul who needs a mighty good come to Jesus talking to every once and a while...

Until next time...Peace & Blessings,

Deborah @ Clothed with Truth

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