Jewelry Travel Tips & Tricks for Your Summer Road Trip

May 26, 2017

Jewelry Travel Tips & Tricks for Your Summer Road Trip

As the summer travel season approaches, we've put together a few easy & inexpensive tips and tricks to keep your favorite jewelry pieces safe and organized while you're out seeking sun-kissed adventure on the open road. Below are a few ideas on how to securely get your favorite pieces from one place to the next.

Jewelry can make an outfit. But packing and traveling with your collection of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets can be tricky. Rule #1...don’t take too much. Remember what your mama always told you...sometimes less is more. Style and light luggage is a winning combination!  

The kind of jewelry you travel with is just as important as how you pack it. Leave your finest pieces at home. The oceans, mountains, and forests hold glorious need to add yours to the mix. Your best bet is to keep your most valuable pieces waiting for your return home. Select a few neutral pieces that will work with multiple outfits, but bring a whimsical statement piece or two as well. They’ll liven up even your most basic travel outfit. 

travel tips

If you're traveling by plane, don't pack your jewelry inside of your checked luggage. Keep your valuable (either sentimental or monetarily) pieces either in your carry-on or on your person. Checked luggage has a much higher likelihood of being lost or stolen with very little recourse for recovery. It's a good idea to take a quick photograph all the jewelry you plan to travel with. Should you accidentally lose a piece, you can use the photo to prove that it’s yours in the happy event that it is found.

Rings - Handy 7 day plastic pill holders work like a charm to help keep rings and other tiny baubles easily accessible. They’re sturdy and inexpensive, and as an added bonus, you'll have all your jewelry in one place since the individual boxes are connected.

pill box ring storage for travel

Earrings - To avoid losing a favorite earring, insert the pair of earrings into the holes of a spare button and seal the backs to keep them safely secured together. Likewise, consider fastening several pairs of earrings onto a long ribbon. When you’re packing for your trip, put the buttons or ribbon in a small ziplock bag or jewelry pouch.

storing earrings for travel

Necklaces - To help prevent frustrating tangles in your necklace chains simply unfasten the clasp, slip half of the necklace through the straw, and then refasten the clasp with the other half of the necklace on the outside of the straw. It may go without saying, but remember to use a separate straw for each necklace. This simple trick can save you a major headache at the hotel.

Packing Necklaces for Travel with Straws

Bracelets - Use O-Rings (metal ring clips) to corral your bracelets. Simply open it, slip them on the bracelets and you're good to go!  Plastic sandwich bags are also a great way to pack bracelets as you can quickly see everything that you’ve brought.

Handstamped Vintage Spoon Bracelets

If you are the crafty type, Chelsea, from the Paper Mama, has an awesome blog post about how to make your own super cute jewelry roll out of a placemat. Or..perhaps by chance you're crafty challenged like myself (as a young bride, I actually nailed a cloth napkin into the window frame to serve as a curtain for our first home), well my friend, there is hope for us also!  Rosy, from A Joyful Life shows you how to make a no sew DIY jewelry roll out of a kitchen towel. I'm telling pins are a girl's best friend!

How to make a jewelry roll

How to make a jewelry roll - Easy no sew

Finally home....When you arrive back home and unpack from your adventures, keep your jewelry safe and in place by storing your favorite tiny treasures in an assortment of cheerful trinket dishes. Below are a few of our favorite jewelry dishes available for purchase at Clothed with Truth. 

jewelry dishes available at Clothed with Truth

 Wishing you safe and happy travels! Send us a postcard!



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