How to Measure Your Ring Size | Tips for the Perfect Fit

January 25, 2019

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If you are ready to purchase a ring online but are uncertain of your ring size, it is best to visit a local jeweler to obtain an accurate measurement. Properly determining your ring size in advance of your purchase allows you to shop with confidence. We certainly don't want you wont lose your lovely new ring nor have your finger turn purple until the soap bubbles kick in. We strongly encourage you to avoid the print at home ring sizing templates that can be found online or the string & ruler sizing method as they are highly unreliable and frequently inaccurate. Ring sizing is a free courtesy service at almost all jewelry stores and typically takes just a few minutes. The jeweler will use a graduated collection of stainless steel ring blanks to quickly and accurately determine your best fit.

Here's where we come on for a few tips that you'll want to keep in mind while you're there.

  • Remember that your left and right hand may be different sizes. It is not uncommon for the fingers on your dominant hand (that's the right hand for 90% of the human population, though we do love lefties!) to be a bit larger than the fingers on your non-dominant hand. Be sure to measure the finger of the hand that the ring will be worn on most frequently. 

  • Fingers typically shrink and swell according to the season and/or time of day. Many people find that their rings fit a bit more loosely in the winter as compared to the summer months. Likewise, rings tend to fit more loosely in the morning compared to the evening. Consider these shrink/swell patterns if you deciding between two "close to just right" sizes.

  • In the USA, the measurement for men's and women's ring sizes is unisex and numerically based. There is not a separate measurement mandrel for men's or women's rings, meaning a women's size 9 ring has the exact same inner circumference as a men's size 9 ring.

  • Rings designed for women tend to have narrow band widths compared to men's designs which typically feature wider band widths. Women's designs commonly fall within the 2-6 mm band width range, while men's designs typically feature band widths of 6 mm and up. Keep in mind that wider width bands will feel and fit tighter than rings with narrow bands. Try to have your ring size measured with a sizing tool that features both thin and wide width bands. If a wide width band ring sizer is not available, and you are ordering a ring with a band width greater than 6mm, we typically recommend ordering a half size larger to comfortably account for the difference in fit.

  • If you find that you are between sizes, it is usually best to go with the larger of the two sizes. 

  • Rings can usually be resized up or down by a half size without altering the structural integrity of the ring. Some rings, such as those with text or eternity bands with stones set all the way around the ring, have design features which do not allow for resizing. 

  • Ring size is largely dependent on a person’s natural build/bone structure. The average ring finger measurement for a woman in the US is a size 6. Women's designs are usually available in ring sizes 3 - 9. The average ring finger measurement for a man in the US is a size 10. Men's designs are typically available in ring sizes 8 - 13.5. 

  • Finally, if you are purchasing a ring as a surprise gift, and are unsure of the recipients ring size, the following tried and true suggestion may help you to discreetly determine the correct size...smoothly enlist family & friends to help you obtain (aka sneak away) a current ring that is worn comfortably by the recipient. From there, take the ring to the jewelry store to have it measured with a sizing mandrel. Ready, set, go!

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