21 Reasons to be Thankful for Fall

September 05, 2017

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It's back to school time! I must admit friend, I'm gleefully wild about Spring & Summer. But Fall...well, not so much. You see Fall sends us a warning that WINTER (go ahead, insert your own bum, bum, buuuum sound effect here) is coming. So to help ease the sting of the oncoming season of frostbite, I decided to compile a list of reasons to be thankful for Fall. In need of a Fall pick-me-up? Here's a start...

At long last, it's time to enjoy...

1. the lingering scent of real wood burning fireplaces

2. brilliant blue skies & fiery red sunsets

3. new fuzzy warm slippers

4. flannel sheets fresh from the dryer

5. hayrides with toddlers - just trust me on this one, find a wagon that has toddlers on board

6. Carter's Mountain in Charlottesville, Virginia. I'm telling you folks...they fry fresh warm apple cider doughnuts and sprinkle them with sugar! It's worth the trip, but if the drive is too far, visit your local pick-your-own apple farm.

7. roasting slippery seeds plucked one by one from mounds of squishy pumpkin guts

8. cinnamon spice scented soap (yep, see number 7)

9. creating construction paper cut out hand-print turkeys to share or post on the fridge

10. homemade pumpkin spice cookies, and whatever other pumpkin spice goodies you'd like to throw in for good measure

11. roasting marshmallows for smores by the fire-pit on starlit nights

12. fluffy feather-beds

13. steamy hot cocoa topped with chocolate drizzled whipped cream and itty bitty marshmallows 

14. the mesmerizing glow of flickering candles

15. Friday night high-school football games

16. spending time with the neighbors during the annual chili cook-off

17. crunching crisp fallen leaves under your feet

18. sunlight filtered through autumn hued colored leaves

19. steamy hot chicken soup with warm buttered bread

20. soaking in a tub filled with bubbly warm water after a chilly brisk walk

21. flying flocks of honking geese (you know...rumor has it those birds are flying south for winter...you think maybe they're on to something?)

Are you reminded you of a few of your own Fall favorites? I'd love to hear what you would add to the list and invite you to leave a note in the comment section below. Let's make the most of the days ahead while they last! 

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer." Albert Camus

"Give thanks to the Lord,, for He is good; His love endures forever." 1 Chronicles 16:34 

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