How to Build an Office Outfit Around a T-Shirt

August 03, 2015

Cotton t-shirts have got to be one of the most comfortable clothing articles human beings have ever invented, ranging right up there with the maxi skirt and the sack dress. If your go-to outfit for lounging around at home or running errands is jeans and a t-shirt, you know the power of comfort.                    

The key is to feel as comfortable as possible in every situation, including working at the office. But you also don’t want to look like a slob. No one will take you seriously if you look like a slob, even if you could sleep in whatever it is you’re wearing. So how can you put together a comfortable but attractive business outfit where you’re not forced to constantly adjust or fidget?

Next time, when you’re stuck in front of your closet hoping for wardrobe inspiration to strike, pull out your favorite pristinely clean t-shirt and try out one of the following combinations:

  • T-shirt, maxi skirt, favorite necklace, earrings, colorful flats
  • T-shirt, business jacket, dress pants, scarf
  • T-shirt, pencil skirt, heels, accessories
  • T-shirt, pencil skirt, business jacket, heels
  • T-shirt, A-line skirt, belt, accessories, flats or kitten heels

Using the above combinations, you can also mix-and-match, which will give you an almost unlimited series of great looking work outfits that are also extremely easy to wear.

Color is also important. White, black, and navy t-shirts are excellent wardrobe staples because they can be thrown into just about any outfit as neutrals. But non-neutral colors and patterns add some zing to your ensemble, too. Couple colored t-shirts with neutral pants, skirts, or jackets before throwing some colored accessories into the mix.

Graphic tees aren’t off-limits in your business attire, either. If the atmosphere is more formal where you work, layer a graphic tee with a jacket and scarf to allow color to pop without creating an in-your-face statement. Informal dress settings mean you can wear a graphic tee with some jewelry and fabulous shoes and for that great-look-without-trying effect.

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