Kathy Bransfield Inspirational Handstamped Sterling Silver Necklaces

October 24, 2017

Kathy Bransfield God is Already There Necklace

We are excited to introduce several new inspirational necklace designs by artist Kathy Bransfield to our sterling silver faith-based jewelry collection. Kathy has had a creative spirit throughout her life. She began experimenting with metal-smithing after receiving a $6 letter-stamping set as a gift from her Dad. Armed with a crème brulee torch and cadmium laden solder, she set about to make her first necklace, a tiny book pendant with handstamped pages. For more than 25 years, Kathy's passion for artistic expression has been celebrated through her creation of distinctively meaningful jewelry. 

Most of her sterling silver and 14kt gold plated brass necklace designs are hinged at the top, creating a delightful kinetic element that opens to reveal hand-stamped quotes or images that capture her trust in human faith, life’s complex beauty, and all its diversity. Kathy is continually moved by words and selects quotes and sentiments that remind her about love, possibility, and what’s important in life — how we should never give up on our dreams, never forget that dear loved one and, most importantly, never forget who we are. Hearing her children’s infectious laughter, traveling to beautiful places and engaging with great minds have been her primary resources for inspiration. She selects quotes that have helped her to find solace and strength through the toughest of times.

Today, her ultimate goal within her jewelry designs is to create pieces that bring that same love, power, and healing to others. Each handstamped quote necklace is a wearable work of art that has been individually handcrafted in her studio in sunny Culver City, California (aka Hollywood). Kathy's designs embody an essence of her quirkiness and unfaltering cheerful spirit. Her distinctively meaningful jewelry with uplifting, positive, and affirming messages continues to inspire long time collectors and new fans alike.

We welcome you to explore Kathy's unique handcrafted sterling silver necklace designs at clothedwithtruth.com

Kathy Bransfield The Most Beautiful Stones Necklace

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