10 Cyber Monday Tips to Help You Shop Wisely & Safely

November 07, 2016

10 Cyber Monday Tips to Help You Shop Wisely & Safely

Get ready...Cyber Monday is within reach! Here's a few of our best tips on how to prepare ahead to snag the best deals and shop like a pro.

Top 10 Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

1.  Sign up to join the newsletter mailing lists for your favorite stores to score information regarding upcoming deals and promotions. Many eCommerce stores regularly distribute email subscriber-only coupons and discounts. Likewise, follow your favorite brands on Facebook & Twitter so you'll be among the first to hear about any flash sales.

2. Scan current promotions and coupons on reliable sale aggregation websites such as CyberMonday, PriceGrabber, SlickDeals, RetailMeNot, and Dealio.

3. Use just one or two specific credit cards when shopping online as a way to closely track your purchases and monitor your accounts for any suspicious or fraudulent activity.

https4.  Before entering your credit card information or finalizing your purchase, make sure that the website uses secure shopping technology. The beginning of the URL on the website's checkout page should begin with https:// rather than http://. Check the website URL or top right corner of your computer screen for the padlock symbol. As a wise consumer, remember to password protect your home wireless network and be sure that you have installed and updated an anti-virus/anti-spyware program.

5. Go ahead and create a customer account and pre-load your shopping cart to save valuable time on entering your information and locating the items you wish to purchase on Cyber Monday. Remember, time is money when you are shopping on websites with limited time offers.

Free Shipping6. Start tracking deals early. Get organized by creating a spreadsheet with the names of recipients, gift ideas, and shipping addresses. Ship gifts directly to your loved ones when purchasing online. Having their address information handy will allow you to effortlessly take advantage of Cyber Monday free shipping deals. Many stores will allow you the opportunity to include a gift message or add holiday gift wrapping service.

7. Pay attention to any possible hidden costs and be sure to factor in any potential taxes, shipping, or handling fees. While you're at it, take a moment to review the company's return policy to avoid any unexpected disappointments.

8. Visit a trusted gift card re-sale site such as giftcardgranny.com to purchase discounted gift cards for the stores that you plan to shop at and save an additional 10-20% on top of their current sales. Cha-ching!

9.  Create a special email file folder to retain all of your electronic receipts. Not only will this help you to keep an eye on your budget, it will also help to easily verify your credit card and/or bank statements.  Additionally, this will file will help you quickly locate your proof of purchase should there be an issue with non-delivery, damaged delivery, or incorrect item delivery. 

10. Stay sharp! Beware of fraudulent offers and phishing scams. Remember what your mama always told you..."If it seems too good to be true, it probably is..."

Happy Cyber Monday Shopping! 

Peace & Blessings,

Rhett & Deborah @ Clothed with Truth

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